Friday, September 14, 2007

American Pro Sports Becoming a Haven for Cheaters & Criminals

Whatever happen to a honest and guilt free version of professional sports in America???? Anybody? Would anyone like to explain why it looks like our beloved teams are full of morons who act like 16 year old gang bangers and high school freshman losers who cheat on all their exams?

Why don't I just explain why I'm about to blow a f&*$@# gasket. I'll make it simple too for all those idiots who call themselves professional athletes and just make an easy to follow list:

1) New England Patriots
2) Bill Belichick
3) Michael Vick
4) Tank Johnson
5) Kobe Bryant
6) Jason Giambi
7) Barry Bonds
8) Marion Jones
9) Rafael Palmeiro
10) Pacman Jones
11) Tim Donaghy (NBA ref)
12) Pete Rose
13) OJ Simpson
14) Tonya Harding
15) Mike Tyson
16) Floyd Landis
17) Ron Artest
18) Terrell Owens

I could keep going but what's the point. The fact is this - the vast majority of hard working and deserving professional teams and athletes now have a cloud of negativity over them because of a minority few who want to act like dip shits. It's sad. Very sad that any of this nonsense has to happen in sports today.

NBA, NFL, and MLB players and organizations along with other professional sports are suppose to be role models for our young kids but this is becoming more and more difficult as time goes on. These "role models" forget one key fact that their respective positions possess. That fact is that it is a PRIVILEGE not a right to be thrown on the front of the sports page every week. You don't get put on the front of a Wheaties box by being a thug!!

There are two things that have to happen to turn things around in sports today. The number one action that needs to be undertaken is swift and severe punishment for the scum of their respective sports. What's that Belichick and the New England Patriots? You think it's ok to cheat your way to the playoffs and Superbowl championships? If I was Commissioner Goodell I would suspend Belichick for the season and automatically disqualify the Patriots from the playoffs this year. If Belichick decides to do it again next year then he will be banned from all of professional sports for life and the Patriots will again lose any chance of the playoffs for another year. Oh yeah, and any legal fees that pop up because you're DQ'd from the playoffs and you've pissed off all the Vegas sports gambling industry junkies will be your responsibility too. Michael Vick you think it's ok to partake in dog fighting and commit felony acts? Felons don't belong in the NFL! Again I would ban you for life from all of professional sports.

You know what would happen to me if I got caught stealing narcotic drugs from the pharmacy and coming to work impaired? Let me put it this way I sure as hell wouldn't be fined a small amount of my total yearly income and be allowed to come back to work after a week. My ass would get my licensed suspended for several years and then I'd be put on probation if I was lucky enough to practice pharmacy again. I take my professional role as a pharmacist and my career seriously and so should you! Or as far as I'm concerned all you thugs can line up and shovel shit the rest of your life for the local cattle farmers. Maybe if you had to actually do real work for a living and make a real salary to feed your family you'd appreciate the 24's on your Bentley or the fact that you got a spot on MTV Cribs. I'm not jealous that your making millions of dollars. I'm just disgusted and thoroughly demoralized that your making millions of dollars and getting away with being a caustic piece of human flesh. Hard working, successful people who've played by the rules deserve a $15 million contract. Criminals and cheaters deserve garbage pickup on the side of the road in 95 degree heat and 90% humidity.

And just think I haven't even gotten to my second course of action to correct the problem. And that shall be.... a drastic turn around by the American media. That's right all of you national and local media outlets should be ashamed of yourself. Everyday you spew out negativity and everything that's wrong with society. The first spot on the 10 o'clock news is always a murder or robbery or some kind of poisonous piece of information. You owe it to your fellow citizens to spread positive events to help mold the next generation into something respectable. NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and the rest of you are just as much of a problem as the losers who commit these ridiculous offenses. If you want to show something negative then show Mike Tyson or Michael Vick as they get thrown into their jail cell when it hits them in the ass. And highlight the fact that that's what happens when you don't play by the rules. This should take a total of 15 seconds at the most. And then try spending the majority of your time on more inspiring stories like how Tiger has given back millions through the Tiger Woods Foundation to help poor kids get an education when that wouldn't have been possible before. Or how the Roger Federer Foundation provides millions of dollars to poor communities to improve their surroundings and situations.

Seriously, whatever happened to just doing the right thing?! For Christ's sake America let's stop putting up with this bullshit! Uuuuuggghhhhhh!!! Why doesn't everybody do something positive and productive for a change!