Monday, April 27, 2009

You're Smart. They're Hungry. What a Great Combination!

Did you realize that your massive vocabulary (or lack there of - Ha ha ha!! just kidding) could actually feed the hungry all over the world? Or how about those skills you got in 11th grade learning the periodic table in chemistry class? Think those could put food on the table for some poor kid in Africa?

The answer is YES!! I stumbled upon this website called that actually couples your ability to learn with the generous donations of multiple sponsors to end world hunger. How cool is that!

And its free! And it's fun! Believe me I tried it. Try as I might I couldn't make it past level 35 on the vocabulary test but I'll be polishing up my skills in the coming future.

They have all sorts of subjects to test your knowledge out including geography, art, chemistry, grammar, vocabulary, foreign languages, etc. So what are you waiting for click the link already!

Help end world hunger

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What If...

What if 9/11 never happened...
What if the Great Depression was just made up history...
What if the Iraq War didn’t actually occur...
What if disabled human beings were never made fun of...
What if children were never abused by enraged parents...
What if animals weren’t discarded like trash for the simple fact that a shelter ran out of room for them...

Then this world would be nothing short of a splendid piece of perfection and paradise. Would you not agree? But these things do happen and they all to often crush the human spirit. They leave us wondering why? Why such evilness, destruction, and sinful nature? Now ask yourself an even more important question:

What if Jesus Christ never willingly endured the most brutal and vicious beating and persecution of all time?

It is because of this very act that humanity learned of one of the greatest gifts of all time... forgiveness. And without forgiveness neither you nor I would be able to remain sane in this nonsensical world that we inhabit. Forgiveness allows us to love once again when love is the farthest thing from our heart.

Let us reflect on this today, Easter Sunday. And let us give thanks for God’s unconditional love for us as he sacrificed His only son so that we may be saved.

Happy Easter and may God bless you!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

America's Failing Healthcare System... Educate Yourself And Be Opened Minded

As a medical professional (pharmacist) I would hope that my message would be taken seriously by all those out there who are reading this even though it has more to do with politics than pills. Why? Because your health now and in the future depend on it.

Like many in America I was against the idea of universal healthcare coverage a few years ago when the idea was being talked about. That was when I was naive, closed minded, and hadn't educated myself on how our system in the United States worked or failed to work in many cases.

Now for all of you who don't want to listen to me please swallow your political pride and take a chance that you might actually learn something about the details of a healthcare system that you probably have very little knowledge on how it works. That's probably because you are either - A) healthy and lucky to be healthy right now or B) lucky enough to have a job and insurance to go with it.

Our current hodge podge healthcare system made up of uninsured patients, privately insured patients, and government insured patients is unsustainable. And before you get all worked up about universal care then know this - universal care is not just a system where the government and the taxes they collect covers everybody's healthcare issues. There's more than one way to achieve universal coverage and still do it with a combination of private and government sponsored insurance programs. To find out how take the time to watch the following two videos. They are very fair in my opinion at evaluating the pros and cons of healthcare systems (capitalistic and universal) around the world and in the United States.

Sick Around the World -

Sick Around America -

For those of you who have taken the time to educate yourself about the importance of this topic.... Thank You!!

For those of you who think our current capitalistic healthcare system is superior to anything on the planet then let's have a discussion. Feel free to email me and I will gladly communicate with you in anyway (email, phone, letters, etc.) about this issue. I'm sure for every horror story of a universal healthcare system that you may have I can find two stories of our capitalistic healthcare system ending in bankruptcy, hardship, or even death for someone in the U.S. In fact, I have a very close friend in her 20's who's already had to declare bankruptcy because she was born with an illness that she didn't ask for. I'd be happy to talk to you about it :)

We all have to be a part of finding a solution to our failing healthcare system. And by failing I mean more and more people losing their health insurance while healthcare costs keep skyrocketing out of control. All this is happening while America has a shorter life span than many other developed countries with universal care and we spend nearly 25-50% more on healthcare. Patients, healthcare providers, insurance companies, drug companies, and healthcare organizations all need to compromise and give a little to allow for a sustainable healthcare system in this country. I'd be more than willing to take a cut in pay to do my part if everyone else would do the same.

If you're still not convinced then read this blog entry from Dr. Charles Clark, medical director of Corpus Christi Medical Center.