Sunday, August 2, 2009

A New York Story - An Angel From Queens

Who said that New Yorkers were rude and self absorbed?  Jorge Munoz proves this stereotype completely wrong.  He provides meals for the homeless each and every night.  And he doesn't do this at a homeless shelter.  He uses his very own home to cook the meals in and his own vehicle to transport and finally deliver them to people in need.  He doesn't ask questions of anybody.  He doesn't want anything in return.  He just helps.  And his definition of helping means approximately 70,000 meals served over a 4 year period.

If only every single one of us could live up to the standard that Jorge is setting then America's true capabilities as the ultimate unselfish nation could finally be realized.  Watch the video here - A real life "Angel".  Or you can click on the video below.

Just remember that you can also make a difference by volunteering to serve others
even if it's not on the scale of what Jorge is doing. All it takes is a little time,
dedication, and commitment. Believe me you'll be a better person for it and so
will the receiver of your kindness and compassion. I know because I've been there
myself and continue to keep volunteering for the betterment of my fellow human

Follow up video: