Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Did you ever wonder why you go about life living the way you do?  Like why you chose to work in the career or job that you're in?  Or why you chose to get behind a cause that you support?  Or maybe even why you chose to buy that fancy new smartphone or GPS device?

GPS systems didn't just appear overnight and consume the general public to the point where just about everyone has one in their vehicle nowadays.  I mean heaven forbid if we actually had to stop and ask for directions in today's world.  How embarrassing would that be?!  Gone are the days that someone would actually have maps from Triple A shoved in their glove box so tight that you can hardly get the damn thing shut.  And I bet you anything that if you were to ask someone back in 1980 if they would shell out $200-$500 for a device that would take their Triple A map and put it in a little computer with the screen size that's hardly bigger than a credit card they would probably think you're nuts!  Not to mention adding in the fact that they would have to spend another $50-$125 to update the maps every year or two so they didn't get lost.  But we don't laugh now and instead probably roll our eyes when we find out that one of our closest friends doesn't have one of these things.  So how did we get here?

Well chances are that the only reason that you find yourself where you are in life today is because someone somewhere decided to take a risk and be different.  They decided to brush off the nay sayers and do something that was neither popular nor thought to be possible at the time.  They did it because they believed in whatever it is they were doing.  And they knew that someday we would believe in it too.  These are the people that lead and inspire.  They are the reason that we take part in a 3 day walk to find a cure for breast cancer or spend our weekend scouring the kiosks in the mall for the newest 3G phone.  Now the question you have to ask yourself is are you one of these people?  Or do you want to become one of these people?  Well here's their secret to success: