Friday, January 25, 2008

Get the Facts When Voting

For anyone who is taking an interest in the upcoming 2008 general election I would highly encourage you to find out the facts behind each of the candidates instead of relying on our "wonderful" media to form your opinion for you. I've personally looked at various individual candidates websites which has been helpful but I've found a phenomenal website that has more information than you could possibly dream of.


This website is run by a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of almost all volunteers located high above in the Rocky Mountains in my very own state of Montana! They refuse to take money from any PAC's, special interest groups, lobbyists, or large corporations. Information provided by them includes candidates voting records, endorsements, public statements & speeches, background information, and even the sources of all the money they get to finance their campaigns. So if you'd like to know that John McCain drives a Cadillac CTS while Mike Huckabee prefers a 2007 Chevy Tahoe it's right at your fingertips. Or how about the fact that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards' number one donors came from the legal (law/lawyer) industry while Rudolph Giuliani received the majority of his donations from donors in the Securities and Investment industry.

There's also a lot of useful information such as how to register to vote in your state. You can also find out how a primary works and what a caucus actually is. I hope you all find this website useful and educational. Remember the more you know the better decision you can make in November.