Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Needy and The Needed

What would your life be like if nobody needed you? It's not often that we as individuals think of this in our chaotic world of rush hour traffic, drive through dabbles, overfilled schedules, and instant mashed potatoes. I'm just to busy, to busy, to busy most of us say. And I say isn't it nice to be smiling in the midst of all that 21st century madness.

But what if nobody called you? If nobody texted you? If there were no emails in your inbox? If nobody asked you to help them out? If your kids or roommates weren't there to drive you bloody insane? What if there was nothing but silence? Aaahhhh.... finally a moment of peace and prosperity right!? Until it turns to boredom and worse yet loneliness and a hint of despair.

The basic human instinct of being needed by others is so vital and simple in nature to each of us. Yet it's taken for granted by many of us everyday as we get flooded with a half a dozen requests coming from every which way but Sunday. I myself have become very appreciative of this fact over the last 3 1/2 years while living in Florida. For those of you who don't know I moved to the Tampa Bay area without knowing a single soul. I was after my perfect destination of weather, outdoor activities, and wonderful friends. What I've found out is that the weather and outdoor activities were a given. But putting a midwestern boy in the midst of a circus of east coast people lended itself to many challenges when it came to the friends part. All I can say is that I certainly appreciate my family and friends way more than they could ever imagine now. It's also a great thing that I'm good at entertaining myself A LOT and am definitely looking forward to migrating back up north when the bursted housing bubble inflates itself again.

Now my intent is not to receive sympathy or pity from anyone. I've never been one to make excuses for myself and my choices. And I do have a lot of family and friends who really care about me and love me. They just happen to be a long ways away and love the fact that I can provide them a vacation spot in the midst of a white out blizzard in February :) I am, however, going to enlighten you on a new adventure of mine as I play out my final few years here in the Sunshine state. In a quest to quench my own need of feeling needed what better way to fulfill that than by reaching out to others who are even needier than I. Have I completely confused you yet? If not then keep reading and I'm sure I'll manage not to disappoint you.

Hands on Tampa Bay ( is a volunteer organization affiliated with the United Way of Tampa Bay and is the largest volunteer based group in the area. They have hundreds of volunteers and provide thousands of hours of help to those in need throughout our local community. And now they have me! Or should I rephrase that as I have them! In either case, I hope to make this a very positive experience which will keep me from staring at the inside walls of my townhouse for hours on end during my days off and also allow me to help others with much bigger problems than I could ever dream of having.

So the next time your second phone rings while your in the midst of boiling spaghetti for a head count of 5 and you find Fido tugging at your leg with his leash at hand all the while little Johnny is yelling from the bathroom to help him make Mr. Hankey swim down alligator alley just take a minute and remind yourself how awesome it is to feel needed :-)


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