Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Lot About Nothing

On my recent trip back to Minnesota my lovely friend Vinomommy mentioned to me how I never write about nothing in particular in my blog. She said my entries always required a lot of thought and that I should just spew out some useless information about my day. I think she's had a little too much Vino to drink myself.

So here ya go... My exciting day off started with buying a new oil and gas stock - Gran Tierra Energy Inc. (GTE). I noticed that 4 different expert analysts rated it as a moderate or strong buy. Well they were wrong at least for today. I didn't lose my life savings but I did lose enough money to fill up a tank of gas. Uuugghhh!! Hopefully, tomorrow it will come roaring back and I can retire from the drug trade :-)

It was also bathroom cleaning day. I have two of them and I have to admit that cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite room in the house to clean. I'm a neat freak too so it's not even like they are nasty dirty or anything. But just the fact that I have to put on my little yellow rubber gloves and decontaminate the 2 rooms whose sole purpose is removing human waste from the residence is harsh enough. Thank God it's over.

My only other excitement for the day was taking Reesee to the veterinarian's office for her yearly distemper shot. You know going to the vet's office is just like going to a regular doctor's office in a way. Why is it that as the patient we do our very best to show up on time or even early for that matter and then don't even get to see the first medical provider (vet tech or nurse) until at least like 30 minutes after the original appointment. I would have just made the appointment for 3:30 instead of 3:00 if I would have known I was gonna be staring at all the other people and animals in the waiting room. At least there are some cute cats and dogs to look at instead of just a bunch of geriatrics like the regular doctor's office.

Well there you have it Vinomommy. I probably still managed to make you think while reading this. Now where's my mashed potatoes and jelly?


Anonymous said...

well did you look at the TGT prices? the stock is trading at or around most tgts. do you know they have a partner on their main asset this trades $2 cheaper? you may need to do some more work before you blindly invest.